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10 Frequently Asked Questions Answered About Wet Basements

Some basements are partially or fully underground. Others are more above grade. Either way, a basement should not be eternally wet. This will be especially true if the area is finished off into living space.   1. What are the signs of a wet basement? There are some signs of a wet or damp basement. You might […]

10 Amazing Statistic That Will Blow Your Mind About Mold

Settlement Patterns of Mold Mold – just like human beings – form settlements and colonize. It only takes a mere 24 hours for mold to start to grow, given the right combination of temperature and moisture. And in only 3 -12 days, mold will begin to colonize, forming Colony Formation Units or CFU’s. In just […]

10 Answered Questions About Fire Damage

Facing the consequences of fire damage can be overwhelming physically and emotionally. Many questions arise, and decisions need to be made by the owner. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions with answers. Who should I call first after the fire? You should call your insurance company. You will want them to work […]